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Losing weight is hard, especially over 40...
but it doesn't have to be.
We help everyday women reclaim their body and optimize their health without diets so they can regain their confidence and power for the second half of life!

If you've been longing to achieve your ideal body so you can freely enjoy being around others and have the confidence and energy to do the things you love...

Then the fact is, you are not here by accident.

My clients get to choose food the whole family can love. They never have to count or restrict calories and they do short effective workouts when they want to, from wherever they want to.

They connect with who they really are, live life on purpose, and experience happiness that previously eluded them.

This can be made possible for you, too!

Because I hold a very deep belief:
"Women were not put on Earth to try to lose weight their entire life!  Whatever challenge you face, I've seen it!   You too have the opportunity to live in a body that EMPOWERS you!"

~Jodi Cecchini  Women's Empowerment and Health & Happiness Coach

Replacing struggle with ease and happiness to get results like these everyday women over 40? 

LAUGHING and enjoying life because you are comfortable and confident...
LOVING your body and feeling proud, sexy and vibrant!

LIVING in your ideal healthy body free from worry about losing or gaining weight ever again...
"It's Like Magic" ~ Carla,
-23lbs in 8 weeks

When we met:
🆘  overwhelmed and frustrated with her weight
🆘  concerned about thyroid
🆘  pain in body... knees and shoulders especially!
🆘  ready to give up!

4 weeks later:
❣️ down 14lbs

❣️ feels like her 16 year old self - crazy!!
❣️ playing basketball with her 10 year old
❣️ Says it's easy!

12 weeks later:
❣️ down 30lbs... at her goal and still easy!

The Willpower-Free Method Women Over 40 Are Using to Slim Down, Tone Up and Love The Person Staring Back at Them in The Mirror …
(Even If They've Been Trying For YEARS)
Whether it's 10, 20 or 50+ pounds... you've tried everything and nothing has ever worked.... you've never set foot in a gym ... I've seen it all and this training will help you overcome it... while increasing happiness at the same time!
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Here's What a Few of Our Empowered Clients Have To Say...
I thought I was too Busy!
I lost 35 pounds in a few short months without missing out on summer food or fun! I felt like I didn't have enough time to lose weight and through this program I actually felt I had more time!

Now I have more energy, patience and confidence and I'm loving life in my healthy body!

[1 year later]
I went bathing suit shopping for the first time since working with Jodi. It was such a different experience! I had so many options to choose from and am so excited for summer!

Also, I still have a hard time believing the size difference from before.
I'd Tried Everything! 
I was pretty much at an all time high weight wise (other than being pregnant)

I have tried virtually everything that didn't involve surgery. I am talking 40 some years of WW, jenny craig, keto, macros, fat flush, isagenix, the zone... I worked out with a trainer for 6 months and sent every food log. I tracked every bite and step.  On most programs, I would lose some weight and then hit a wall.
My weight loss was more important than enjoying company and life :)
With Jodi, 
Results were slow but easy. I didn't drop 10 pounds in a week (joking) it was more like a pound or two a week

PS- one of the scariest things you asked me to do was to stop tracking my food. I felt like I would gain all my weight back if I wasn't vigilant about the food tracker and step tracker... my advice TRUST JODI and TRUST the process.  It works!
Skeptical to Success!
I lost 55 pounds in just 5 months! I was hesitant when I first spoke to Jodi because I've tried so many things I thought, how could this be any different?

I am so glad I took the challenge and 10 months later I'm still living it!

What Jodi teaches is sustainable and real-life-friendly! 
I Surprised Myself!
I lost 15lbs and 3 inches from my waist! I can wear jeans that I have not been able to wear for years! The recipes are easy and delicious ... I enjoy cooking now, rather than thinking it was a chore.

 [2 years later] I'm in a relationship now with a really great guy AND I launched my own brand new business. I'm so happy!
~Sherry O.
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